How much water to drink daily is good for our bodies.

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Our body needs water.  There are rules for drinking water, we will talk about these issues. At normal temperature, one and a half to two liters of water is enough for a human body. If it is very hot, two and a half to three liters of water can be consumed. 

It depends on how much work he is doing. How much is working and how much sweat is coming out of the body.  Before drinking water, we need to see if it is pure.  Water cannot be overcooked.  The quality of the water is lost.  Nothing can hold its structure if it hits too much.  Its basic qualities are lost.  If necessary, you can use the filters that have reverse osmosis. you must drink enough water before going to bed, and after waking up

What can be the problem of drinking too much water?

no matter how much water we drink, it is excreted in the form of sweat or outside the urinal.  The water that is excreted from our body is salty.  In other words, water carries sodium chloride out of our bodies.  Therefore, if you drink too much water, your body will be deficient in sodium. 

Therefore, you have to pay attention to the color of the urine.  If more water is consumed then the urine will be absolutely clear.  If you drink less water, the urine will be very dark in color.  We need to keep an eye on the urine so that it is light yellow in color.  If it is darker, you have to drink more water so that it is lighter. 

Exercise releases a lot of water from the body.  We need to drink more water to meet this water shortage.  In this case, it is better to mix light salt with water.  This will keep the sodium level in our body right.  Athletes of almost international standard drink almost water mixed with salt. if only water is drunk then the balance of sodium electrolyte is lost.

Drinking too much water puts pressure on the kidneys.  That is why it is better not to drink too much water.  Many people drink 7-8 liters of water daily.  It is very harmful to the body.  It puts pressure on the bladder.  All the time we need to drink moderately enough water.  We also have to keep an eye on the seasonal side.  How much water will we drink in any season?  What is the need of our body?  Always drink clear clean pure water.  

Now there are various problems in plastic bottled water.  In many cases, it can cause cancer.  Drink boiled water.  When you go out, you can take water in a glass bottle.  

Water fasting and dry fasting.

Water fasting is three times better than dry fasting.  I am drinking water from outside that is water fasting.  When there is no water inside the body, the body starts producing the water on its own. that is dry fasting. during dry fasting, the water is made inside the body during fat-burning.  The water that is made inside the body is 100% pure.  There is no adulteration here.  The water that the body produces inside the body is very beneficial for the body.  The body is very clean through dry fasting.  And the benefits are many.

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