foods that lower our immune system

There are some foods in the general daily routine that lower our immunity. These foods help to increase the incidence of certain diseases.  But people are constantly taking these foods without knowing anything.

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Sugar comes first in these foods.

There are diabetes, blood pressure, and many more diseases that are responsible for the increase in sugar.  Blood fats accumulate due to sugar.  And this results in fat clots in the liver.  Blood pressure is rising, blood is clotting.  An increase in diabetes means an increase in blood sugar levels.  As a result, the body's immune system is weakened.  

If you suffer from anxiety.  Then stress hormones are released.  Stress hormones increase the level of sugar in the body.  It increases insulin.  This increases the appetite.  And it makes people interested in eating sugar food.

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The main disadvantage of eating sugar is a nutritional imbalance.  It is deficient in vitamins A and B. Sugar has no nutritional value.  Inside our body,  there are bacteria, viruses and pangas. Sugar lowers our immunity to WBCs.  WBC's job is to kill the bad bacteria.  

sugary foods weaken the WBCs.  As a result, harmful bacteria are able to reproduce.  As a result, they can quickly cause any disease in the body.  As a result, the viruses in the body occupy a higher level.

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After that comes the artificial color of food.

The artificial colors of food are so small that our body's immune system cannot detect them.  These spread rapidly through the body and weaken the body's immune system.  Many of our food items are being given food grade color.  These are basically very harmful to the body.  Any artificial food, packaged food, plastic-wrapped food, Teflon, chocolate cake, even meat that is not organic.  The meat of the animal we eat is the animal that eats organic food.

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Then there is the matter of oil.  

Among the different types of palms are sunflower oil, rice bran oil, soybean oil.  These are inflammatory.  These are not good for the body at all.  Inflammation is the opposite of the system in our immune.  So inflammatory foods can cause many diseases in us.  It can cause cancer.  
May reduce the rate of microbiota in the blood.  These oils increase the amount of cholesterol in the body.  And helps accumulate fat.  Eating fat means the accumulation of body fat. We need to eat natural oils such as extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, and pure mustard oil. 

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Non-organic food.

We will always try to eat organic food.  For eating non-GMO food.  If we have glyphosate in genetically modified foods.  Glyphosate causes us severe damage.  So we have to try to eat fresh food.  Glyphosate foods block our minerals.  And the minerals that prevent it from working.  Minerals cause defense.  This causes our hair to fall out, causing thyroid problems.  These act like antibiotics.  Kills the good bacteria of the Lactobacillus group in the body.  These cause vitamin B deficiency, vitamin D deficiency, and zinc deficiency.  

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