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Today I'm gonna talk about getting in a neutral position when you sleep. So let's get started. One question that I'm asked a lot is "What kind of pillow do I need when I'm sleeping.

" Well, pillows are kind of like the bed, it just depends on if you like firmer or if you like softer, but what is important is to keep your body in a neutral position. Some people like to sleep with 2 pillows, but what that does is it ends up putting your neck in a position this way or too far up. You really want it to be nice and neutral almost in a straight line. All the way from your neck down to your hips. This pillow here, The Comfy, is really nice, it was sent to us to try out. 

But what I like about it is it has ear holes here for side sleepers. And what that does is, if you're a side sleeper like me, you know that sometimes when you sleep on your side, you wake up and your ears hurting cause it's all squinched up. This allows you to put your ear in this hole, and it gives you a smoother sleep while you're sleeping. It also claims to prevent wrinkles, or help prevent wrinkles, I don't know about that, but what I do know is that it's really comfortable when I slept, and when I woke up my ear didn't hurt, I felt pretty good because it's that memory foam so it's very comfortable as well. It also has a little riser on the inside that you can take out and put in. 

I liked having it in it helped me get in a more neutral position because my shoulders are a little bit broader. So you just have to try it out to see if you need it or not. But it's nice because you can take it in and take it out. So if you'rea side sleeper like me, what you also need to be concerned about is having your hips in a neutral position. So when you go down on your side, again, you want your neck to be in this neutral position. If you have 2 pillows, what ends up happening is my head' in this position. It puts a lot of stress on these muscles here, and then not a lot of stress on these muscles. So you end up having a little bit of a muscle imbalance. 

So once you lie down, you want to have that neck in a pretty neutral position. And this gives me a really nice neutral position. Then it comes down to your hips. Now probably mostly for women, you got a little bit bigger hips like me, so to keep your hips from hurting, you want to get those in a neutral position a well. So having a pillow in between your legs, especially if you're hurting in your hips, really helps kind of get that in a neutral position as well. So then you end up being in that straight line. But if you lie on your back. You don't necessarily need a pillow between your legs, but you still want to have that neutral position of your neck. Again, you don't want two pillows because then you're gonna end up like this.

 And again it puts a lot of stress on those muscles in the back and it ends up causing weakness and pain and other not fun things. So there you have it. That's how to sleep in a neutral position. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section.
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