It's Saturday morning, and I just got to the hospital and today I'm gonna be bringing you on a call shift So we'll be staying with me all day while I'm seeing patients on the ward and all night long seeing patients in the emergency department Every day has its own adventure, 

so let's go and let's see what today brings All right, so we just divided up the list I've got 13 patients to see and different prior to the hospital So first thing I do is I sort of look at the list figure out where the patients are and then after that I sort of prioritize things based on if anyone's sick, so if anyone's not doing well I'll go and see them first then second priority is anyone who needs to get discharged so at this time No one's particularly ill people are all stable knocking wood.

 Hopefully it stays that way so first thing I'm gonna do is go and see if a patient can get discharged it all depends whether her hemoglobins were a red blood cell count Has stayed stable. Making sure she hasn't been bleeding for a couple of days, and then she can she can get going Oh man, discharge is always take way longer than you expect So I'm just gonna be making some follow-up appointments for this patient, and then dictating a discharge summary Which goes to the family doctor. And she's got a scene infectious disease doctor and northpia surgeons so making sure everyone knows. What's been going on Wow this day is going by so quickly so of those 13 patients I had to see I still have like four of them left, so Gotta head downstairs See some more Wow, this is truly the most busy day. 

I've had. I think ever this is pretty crazy I It's now uh 5:15 and I'm being called down to go to the emergency department actually called me about 30 minutes ago And I still have to finish up seen patients so I'm finally done seeing my 13 patients and dealing with all the stuff that came up during the day and Apparently they've already been 9 consults down in the emergency department that's nine people came in that internal medicine had had to go and already see and bring it to hospital today, so Now let's see see how many are waiting when I get down there now 5:30 and I've already had 19 pages crazy, maybe that means that all the pages will be done for the night So I was just at a code blue, 

we're doing CPR and it was a patient that was in droplet precautions so it was a really really tight mask and you can see how red my Face is and that's actually from the pressure of the mask and it's really hard work, so I really worked up a sweat anyway amazingly the patient pulled through and To be honest most codes that I think to where patients heart stopped or they stopped breathing most of them Don't come back. So this was a really amazing thing to see and to be a part of so now I've got to head back down to the emergency department because that code blue sort of interrupted the consult So I've got to get back down there see this patient admit them That's me okay water break time. I always manage to get super dehydrated by the time i'm post-call So anyway one consult done, and I think I'm just gonna see if there's another one pending before I go upstairs. 

Oh Man guys I'm getting really tired you can always tell I'm getting tired because there's no more stairs. It's all about the elevators I've done the second consult And actually able to just grab some sleep right now Before get paged about the next one So this is the key box where we get our call room keys basically just swipe our badges here And then it asked me to remove key, and I get to put in the key number that I want What no more keys allowed, okay wait let me just try a different one ah No more keys allowed Okay, that doesn't bode well for tonight. What's so fast security just came and hopefully fixed it, so let's try it now right machine. It's just you and me grant me some access Okay Ah amazing Target acquired. Let's check it out So 125 Okay, so pretty classic room Chair, bed Desk Coat hanger all you really need 4:30 a.m.. Heading down for consult number 3 just trying to try to wake up right now Feel like I could just lie down on one of these So far I've had 29 pages It's 6:15 now I just had the second code blue of the night, so there's a second patient whose heart stopped And she's heading down to the ICU, and it's very strange because now that job is done And I'm just heading back to the emergency department Can hear my pager going so?

Gotta go It's now 10am I just met up with all the different teams that I was covering tonight and where I admitted patients And now I'm gonna go back to my call room grab my stuff and then freedom! I'm gonna go home and have a really long nap So in minutes, and we do a lot of debriefing so let's debrief so during the day I saw 13 patients busy And then overnight admitted three patients One of them came in and had was really decreased level of consciousness Wasn't waking up turns out a bad infection So we're treating that the second one ended up having a pulmonary embolism Nothing when a clot travels and gets stuck in their lung And then you can develop a lot of shortness of breath As a result which is what brought this patient in and then the third patient that I saw Had a stroke and came in with a lot of weakness on one side of their body And then as you know there were two code blues overnight I will definitely be telling you guys lots more about these types of emergencies in the next Month or two because I'll be doing rotations in the intensive care unit and dealing with this all the time So I'll tell you more about it later But before going home. 

We've got the featured question of the day, and we're gonna be answering Daniella's question And she's asking about getting paged at home as a doctor So I would say there's sort of three main reasons that you might get paged at home First is if you're on home call which basically you're on home You're supposed to be at home, and if you're needed in the hospital. You'll get paid you'll come in the second reason would be if Say you discharge a patient And one of the community pharmacists this might have a question about the dough so the medication change that you've done So I'll page you and maybe you're at home at that time Maybe it's a Saturday morning who knows then you just call the pharmacist back and make a clarification it's pretty simple the third reason that could happen sometimes happens to me and that's when 

I just happened to leave my pager on and some from the hospital might think that I'm still in the hospital or They don't realize that I've gone home because I was on call the day before and I get paid sort of by accident I know some of my friends actually turn off the pager But I'm too scared that I'm gonna forget to turn it back on so I just leave it on all the time Anyway, I hope that answering this question didn't just jinx things because I'm gonna go home now And I hope that my pager does not go off so knock on wood 
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