Doctor Turns Health Info into Rap Parodies

There's a new voice gaining international attention in the healthcare arena. At first glance, Dr. Zubin Damania may look like your average physician tending to patients and filling out charts. 

But in his spare time, this doc has swapped out his stethoscope for mike and is taking medical issues to a new level. Damania transforms into ZDoggMD. A rapper using parodies and satire to outline lingering problems and popular misconceptions with the US healthcare system. ♫ No appointment ♫ I walked into your clinic complaining of pain ♫ Doctor shopping once again - So the next time you're feeling frustrated by your medical experience. You may wanna check out ZDogg MD for a heavy dose of entertainment and laughter. (audience applauding) - Joining us ZDoggMDhimself, Dr. Zubin Damania. - Whaddup fam? - [Host] Welcome, whassup? Whassup dude? - Dude flow up (audience applauding) - So Dogg. I'm just gonna use your stage name right now. 

His videos are all over YouTube but also amongst medical circles. So I've watched you rap a few rhymes and you've got some mad skills. - You know physicians have moderate to severe rhyming skills. (audience laughing) across the spectrum of care. We're able to drop dish rhymes PRN. - I'm curious what kind of, I don't wanna say feedback because that maybe. But I'm assuming that you've had some maybe doctors or other healthcare providers that aren't giving you the best reviews. - Well, y'all understand why doctors are weird. It's because we're trained in this old Greek system. Where it's about memorizing facts and then kissing the ring. So that you can be the ring that's kissed when you're done. It's a very Greek hierarchical system. So imagine I come out andI'm like, let's teach people. - And we're supposed to be serious most of the time, right. - All the time, yeah. So I come out and I say, you know what they're teaching CPR now. They're saying get rid of mouth to mouth. It's about a 100 beats per minute pushing on the chest. And I said, well what's 100 beats per minute? I looked through the catalog (Dr. Damania beatboxing) (audience laughing) Right and. - This may be a great addition to CPR classes. - I think so. So what started the whole thing ZDogg was I did a commencement speech in 1999. My class at UCSF was like, "Who's gonna go off in the downtown San Francisco "as nobody cares"? - [Andrew] Dogg. - And I'm like, me. And so we did this speech. I put it on YouTube and it went kind of viral. And I realized, what if I actually made videos on purpose to educate, entertain, keep patients out of the hospital while raising the alarm that our system is way broken. And I'll create an alter ego so Stanford will never figure out. (audience laughing) Looks nothing like me, that guy on TV.

- [Host] Who's that? - Right. - You know it's funny because I think breaking down this barrier between patients and physicians and I completely agree with you. We are trained in this system and we're supposed to always present such a formality to patients and I think it creates a disconnect. Our patients wanna talk to us. They wanna see us real human beings and I love them. 'Cause look, you're a well-trained, smart doctor who takes care of patients. But the fact that you do this. It makes you to me, relatable. I love that you do this. - And we know that laughter, smiling, all of these things have a big benefit to your health. - Well and I think music, in particular, get stuck in your head. So you're trying to remember the symptoms of a stroke and you hear The Weeknd song, Can't Feel My Face. - Okay.

 - And you think. ♫ I can't feel my face ♫ My tongue won't move ♫ Am I stroking ♫ Yes I'm stroking (audience applauding) And now people will think. - I'm sure the neurologist will love that one. - They yes, yes. My arm won't move. Yes, it's complicated. - [Andrew] Wow. (audience laughing) - And even in your own practice as a physician. You're looking to flip the script so to speak. With the way that medicine is practiced and the way patients receive care. Talk to us about that. - That's exactly right. So when I started making the videos. I started living my own story again instead of the story my Dad wanted me to live to be a doctor or society wanted me to live in. And when you live your own story.

 Weird possibilities open up. So this chance to go to Los Vegas and build a clinic that actually put into action. Some of the things I was ranting about in the videos. This idea of Health 3.0. Going beyond that paternalistic doctor-patient relationship of the old days 1.0. Through this 2.0 where everybody feels like a commodity. It's about electronic records and numbers and transactions. And we're reduced to a transaction. To 3.0 where we personalize it. Where we really get to know each other. Where providers also take of each other because we're burning out left and right and commoditized in the system. 
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