FAIL YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS - Motivational Video on Never Giving Up

I failed at tons of things. I failed at funny things, I failed a key grade school test for 2 times and that i filled like 3 times for the center school, you know, for 3 years i attempted and did not get into universities so I applied jobs for thirty times, got rejected.I went for the police they assert no you are not good I visited you recognize even the KFCwhen KFC come to China, come to my state, 24 people went for the work , 23people accepted, i used to be the sole one. We went for the police, five people, four of them accepted i used to be the sole guy that didn't receive it so tome being turned down, rejected, oh by the way I told you that I applied for Harvard, for ten times rejected, i do know you rejected. 

They're sorry now. one among the items you gotta understand my friend is that you're alleged to fail because failure is that the stepping stone to success you would like the logical reason why because failure is an experience that results in wisdom that ultimately causes you to a stronger version of yourself. Maybe you bought test anxiety i do not know but the worst thing you'll do is quit. ask your professor. I'm not 100 percent sure but i do know that you simply cannot quit simply because you failed doesn't cause you to a failure. Another one among these cliches or cliche stories is about Edison right when a reporter asked him you recognize what's it, how did you are feeling about failing thousand times and he said no I didn't fail thousand-fold I just found thousand alternative ways that it wasn't getting to work and that is what, that's what's happening with you but whenever he found how that did not work he was adding to his journey. he was growing stronger, he learned something, discovered something, 

you're discovering something by yourself and you're exercising your character whenever you rise up and check out something. Move-in the direction of something, albeit you do not get the thing, it isn't about the thing, not about making the five , it isn't about making 1,000,000 dollars and it isn't about the sunshine bulb, it's about what you learn along the way, who you become along the way and you're on the journey, guess what the journey is tough , the journey is riddled with failure and that is why most of the people don't roll in the hay most of the people aren't willing to urge thereon journey because they're afraid to fail you my friend have failed. congratulations it is the greatest thing that ever happened to you because it shows that you're alive, it shows that you simply did something and it shows that you' regrowing stronger. Now go and fail again leave and that i hope, I hope you guys that watch these videos I hope you gonna fail thousand times keep going out there and failing you recognize what meaning whenever you fail it means to me, it tells me that you're doing something. See tons of individuals because they do not want to form any mistakes it takes us to subsequent level. tons of individuals don't need to fail fear failure,

 fear of success, and guess what else the fear of the unknown. you recognize Churchill said about courage that, is that courage is that the ability to travel from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. So you would like to courageously hold onto your dream and not lose enthusiasm. a man in l. a. everywhere the front page of the newspaper, he just passed the bar after taking it 48 times. He had quite enough reasons and excuses to not take it. His son features a firm , he could are a paralegal , a clerk, and other people all of a sudden, wont to tease this guy, he was a laughingstock, people will do this to you, you recognize people mention John Kennedy Jr. failing the bar, did you read within the newspaper that he passed, I didn't see that but did they create as big as a deal about him passing as they did when he failed, no, you recognize why people wish to see you fail. They wish to see that, it's, people are like that. i do not know why it's found out like that. i used to be on the expressway, traffic was jammed up, you recognize what was happening, it had been an accident but people pulled over to the side to urge out of their car to travel and appearance . to ascertain somebody else's suffering. That's why talk shows are so popular. Some people wish to hear other people's misery, 

they get all trapped therein , then they are going magnify it in their own life because that's all they specialise in . Who decided it doesn't matter what percentage times I fail, I'm getting to courageously pursue it, i do not care what people say, i do not care what they think, this is often something that i would like that provides my life meaning and value. If you constantly remind yourself after every defeat, after every setback, whenever you get knocked down, I've got a proverb , if life knocks you down attempt to land on your back because if you'll search , you'll rise up . See tons of individuals due to failure they stop, they stop believing let me share something 
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